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The Improbable Dram: Space Cases of the FUTURE!!!!
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This is a second-gen Space Cases RPG. It focuses on the kids at the Staracademy some decades after the show. They will probably go on adventures and get into bizzaro situations. We don't take ourselves very seriously, so expect lots of crack and parody. :) (And no, your kid doesn't need to be connected to any other Space Cases characters. That would be too limiting.)

You don't need a new journal for this RPG, as the roleplaying will take place through posts on this community in paragraph format. That should be accomodating to issues like mismatching schedules, conflicting timezones, and so on and so forth. For example, One person could post in the community saying "Hoodly-who is bored. He stares out the window longingly." And the other person would reply to this by commenting on the original post with "Flaggle-floo sees Hoodly-who being bored and throws a pillow at his face." In other words, don't make another post to respond to an already-existing post! I was probably too long-winded in this explanation. Oh well. Ohhhh, and it'd be nifty if you added your location into your posts. Also, you are responsible for keeping up with your character's endeavours. Do be courteous and not leave other people hanging!

Soo... now you've muddled through my rambling and you totally want to join, right? :D Well, you have to fill out this lovely application, and post it on this lovely thread labeled APPLICATIONS.

Character Name:
Links to the Space Cases (if any):
Anything else?:

Any additional questions, inquiries, or such can be directed to me, saria or my lovely (and much more knowledgable) assistant neptunesubmerge. :D