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The Improbable Dram: Space Cases of the FUTURE!!!!
the first day of second semester: IN DETENTION!!!! [CLOSED] 
23rd-Jan-2007 01:42 am
wolfchans love you
Characters: Everyone who's anyone. Meaning the kiddos and the teacher(s, possibly.)
Content: For being such losahs, they get to be in remedial classes. And there they will be. Like the Breakfast Club! Kind of.
Setting: The classroom.
Time: Morning.
Warning: Nothing so far...

Dr. Flaggle-floo took a look around the classroom. AND KILLED THEM!!!!!!! (not really)Collapse )
24th-Jan-2007 10:13 pm (UTC)

Trent just kind of stared at Selyna for a while, then burst out with a bit of an amused and interested chuckle at what he saw on the compupad.

"Well, isn't that a fine way to cut the corner! Though, I do suppose that four words is at least closer to a page than none, but still, it'll probably get teh same grade as nothing, so why bother? But regardless, now that you're "finished" (Yes, he actually did the quotation movements with his fingers) you have no reason not to accept a good game then, do you? What do you say?"
24th-Jan-2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
Snorlax took a moment to organize his thoughts. "Okay, first, I don't know what the hell Bugger-My-Neighbor IS, and if I did I probably wouldn't want to play it."

"Second, I don't see the purpose of doing this essay. So what happens if we don't write it? We're already in detention. What is she going to do now? Kick us out of Starcademy?" He laughed at the thought that occured to him. "Whip us, maybe?"

He calmed himself down, then shook his head. "No. Seriously. I think we should sneak out. We could make hologramm dummies of us or something and then find something interesting to do."
24th-Jan-2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
"She might kick us out of Starcademy if we leave!" Misa said shrilly! "The teachers have the authority here, they have every right to kick us out if we aren't doing our part! Being kicked out is the most horrible, horrible, horrible thing ever and I think we should stay here and did you know the Rigelians only colonized Umbriel but not Ariel? That's weird. Are Uranus's moons really that different? I don't know because I failed geography!"
24th-Jan-2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
"It's BEGGAR-My-Neighbor! A game about buggering neighbors really wouldn't be one fit to be played in an academy, now would it? Honestly!"

He then thought over the rest of what Snorlax said, and beamed

"However, sneaking out does sound like a capital idea! Not really much fun that can be had in here, that's for sure...though that whole hologram dummy thing sounds like a wee bit too much work for me. Any other ideas?"
25th-Jan-2007 02:41 am (UTC)
"STAYING! Staying and doing your work and not getting all of us in trouble!" By this time, Misa's compupad read as a jumble of information about herself, her people and random things influenced by the study group next door--the biology of Rigelian-Saturnians, Uranus' colonization and that some girl apparently nicknamed "Jules" had a new haircut that was not very flattering.

"You both," she gestured pointedly at Snorlax and Trent, "are only thinking of yourselves and its all four of us who will suffer for it! You should take the good example of me and that other girl--" Misa turned to Selyna, "I'm sorry, I did not catch your name unless its Dominique but I kind of doubt it because if it was the people singing Happy Birthday would have been in here instead of the cafeteria." She returned her focus to the boys, "Our example and maybe write about who you think you are. I think both of you are trouble-makers. Though she should write a little bit more, maybe, because four words is not a page and we don't know what's she's guarding or any other good information like that."
25th-Jan-2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Trent was very confused at the huge jumble of apparently-useless information mixed in with what she was trying to say, leading to him sporting a very perplexed expression.

"...Are you absolutely bonkers? I mean, seriously! For one, I don't know what in the blazes you're talking about with all of this Birthday and Rigelian nonsense, which leads me to think you have some kind of voices in your head, which right there hurts your credibility. And second of all, how would what I or he do affect what happens to you? If YOU choose not to leave the class or to go ahead and do boring stuff, especially if that's fun for you, then by all means go along! You won't be punished for what others do if you're obedient! But if I want to lead a more pleasurable time and not do such inane pointless things, that's my choice to make, now isn't it? Besides, this really is something that if the teacher REALLY wanted to know, she'd just ask me herself instead of wasting all of our time with having us waste good effort writing it all! So really, I don't mind if you wish to do your work, but please, spare me the lectures or any chance to prevent me from doing what I wish. And really, what's the trouble in just playing around? Perhaps in a different situation when you're not so stuffed up with ideas of work, you'd like to try a game? They work wonders to ease tension, you know!"
25th-Jan-2007 03:19 am (UTC)
"If you're both such good examples, why are you here in the first place?" Snorlax scoffed. "And Trent, that's your name, right? She doesn't hear voice in her head. She just has hearing times a billion. Don't be stupid. And stop asking people to play games with you! We don't want to play a game!!"

He was feeling very frustrated. He might've actually put forth the effort to write the stupid essay, if he had any idea what to write. What was he supposed to say? 'I think I'm Snorlax Band, the failure of my family. My sisters are both amazing and smart and Stardogs and I'm failing all my classes. Anything I think I'm good at, they have done and done a million times better.' But then, no. That was just a asking for pity and he didn't want that.

Snorlax got out of his chair hastily. "Just forget this. I'm not sticking around here. You don't have to come with me. I just thought I'd offer." And with that he made a bee-line for the door and slammed it behind him.
25th-Jan-2007 03:32 am (UTC)
Trent was just a wee bit pissy now, and was now muttering more to himself than to anyone in particular. "Well, really! I was just offering! A friendly sport, don't you know, but I suppose this is the result you get when you try to extend fun to others! I suppose I'll just have to play alone some more then."

And thus, he grumbled and picked his compupad back up and began playing some more.
25th-Jan-2007 03:33 am (UTC)
Selyna blinked at the sound of the slamming door and turned to Trent. "First of all, I do not know how to play your game. I am not familiar with planet-dweller methods of entertainment."

She turned her gold eyes to Misa. "To answer your question, my name is Selyna."

Finally, she glanced down at the four words she had written on her compupad. "I do not understand. She asked us to write one page, and I have written my words on one page. She did not specify a word length for this assignment. I am a Guardian. That is not who I think I am, but who I am. Arguing will not change that. I do not understand why you are so upset. Misa, there is nothing physically preventing you from leaving the room, is there?"

She glanced out of the window at the stars shining outside. How she yearned to be there, and not in this strange place with these strange creatures. But she promised her father she would remain.

"How long are we expected to remain in this room?" she said at last to no one in particular.
25th-Jan-2007 03:50 am (UTC)
"Well...no, there's nothing physically preventing me from leaving, but I'm supposed to be here. There are more reasons to do things than just objects. Society and people and the things you know from interacting and listening are just as important, probably more. If I was here because someone told me to be here and if I was here because there was a boulder in front of the door..those things are totally different.

"We're all together now because we messed up and as long as we're together, that makes us a group. And that means we have responsibilities to each other. Like...the study group next door..all of their members are responsible for the important parts of different classes and they share it with everyone. Just because we don't know what our responsibilites to each other are just yet doesn't mean that we can ignore each other or abandon each other.

"Maybe we're only together in detention today or maybe we'll be a group every day, I don't know. But we still are together. Right now, we have a responsibility to Snorlax. If Dr. Flaggle-floo or someone finds him, then he'll get in trouble. And that's something we can prevent if we go after him and bring him back. The longer we stay, the less chance we have of catching him."

She stopped speaking and really concentrated on what she could hear, trying to find the footsteps that would most likely be Snorlax.

"I'm going." And with that, she headed towards the door.
25th-Jan-2007 04:09 am (UTC)
"Wait, what? I thought you were the one who wanted to stay here and do the work, so now you're going to break the rules to bring HIM back? Honestly! It was his choice to go out there, so we'd be interfering to force him to do anything else! It's just..." By now, he had realized that Misa had left, and it was just him and Selyna in the room.

"Oh, sod it. I suppose there's no fun to be had here, but at least if I stay here I can always just say I don't know what to write, rather than being caught out there while doing something that isn't fun." He then turned to Selyna. "What about you, then? You've already finished haven't you? You staying here, or are you going after them too?"
25th-Jan-2007 03:23 pm (UTC)
Selyna shrugged - a habit she had picked up while living on her father's ship. In one graceful motion, she rose to her feet and headed to the door.

"I do not fully understand the meaning of 'group' that Misa spoke of, but I do understand responsibility and duty. It is a Guardian's duty to ensure the safety of others, and I suppose in this situation that includes Snorlax and Misa. I will go with them."

She turned her head to stare at Trent with her golden eyes. "Will you join us?"
25th-Jan-2007 05:28 pm (UTC)
For some reason, those two words -responsibility, and duty- seemed to really burn into Trent, as he immediately looked away with a frowning, contemplative expression.

"Well...hm...right...oh, the hell with it! Fine, I'll hang along too. I suppose it at least has the potential of being more fun and interesting than just sitting here if we're just going to get in trouble anyway...However, this all better be worth it!" He then humphed, and got up from his seat.
25th-Jan-2007 06:55 pm (UTC)
"Very well," Selyna said, opening the door. "Come with me. Our... companions could not have gone very far."

She stepped into the corridors of Starcademy. They were largely deserted, since class was in session. A few cadets wandered past, staring at Selyna as they did. She was becoming accustomed to their stares. Although she wore the traditional Starcademy jacket, she wore her checkered cape over top of it and her legs were covered in tight silver leggings. Her long silver hair was tied back in a tight ponytail, revealing her pointed ears.

She ignored the cadets and turned to her left, walking down the hall. She scarcely cared if Trent was following her or not, and since she had no idea where Snorlax or Misa had gone, this direction seemed as good as any.
26th-Jan-2007 04:47 am (UTC)
Trent really didn't care that much over whether he found the others or not, but did figure walking out here would be a nice change of pace. And thus he followed Selyna. Deciding that he might as well make conversation instead of just walking through halls silently, he spoke up.

"Ah, so, Selyna, was it? Pardon me if this is rude or anything, but just previously you said something about you being a Guardian, and I was wondering just what it was you meant by that. Is that some kind of special station within the Stardogs or something? Because I know I certainly have never heard of it before..."
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