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The Improbable Dram: Space Cases of the FUTURE!!!!
the first day of second semester: IN DETENTION!!!! [CLOSED] 
23rd-Jan-2007 01:42 am
wolfchans love you
Characters: Everyone who's anyone. Meaning the kiddos and the teacher(s, possibly.)
Content: For being such losahs, they get to be in remedial classes. And there they will be. Like the Breakfast Club! Kind of.
Setting: The classroom.
Time: Morning.
Warning: Nothing so far...

Dr. Flaggle-floo took a look around the classroom. It was not a good start to her morning. She didn't particularly want to be stuck in this classroom with the delinquents of Starcademy for who knows how long it would take them to become functioning students. Days? Months? No one could say. But oh well. Duty was duty. And this was hers. It takes a village to raise a child! And one badass Dr. Flaggle-floo to whip a few kids into shape. That was how she looked at it, anyway.

She got up from her desk and gave the students a very teacher-y look that said "I am about to address the classroom now, so sit down and shut up." Then she spoke.

"Hello, class. I am Dr. Flaggle-floo, and you are all here because you failed all of your classes last semester. I don't care about how or why that happened, I care about getting you all back on the right track so you don't flunk out. Because everyone is a special delicate flower. And you four just need extra time to blossom. Let's see... we have Snorlax Band from Earth; Misa 164 from Andromeda; Trenton Gansley from Earth, and Selyna from... it doesn't say. Ugh. How bothersome. Anyway, is that all of you?"
23rd-Jan-2007 06:50 am (UTC)
Her eyes darted around the classroom a few times before Misa hestiantly answered, "..I'm here." It didn't seem like quite enough to say so she added, "Misa. The Andromedan." Belatedly realizing that was probably obvious, she bowed her head a bit so that her red curls would fall over her ears. At least this way, she didn't look like she was implying the good doctor was blind or couldn't recognise a former Galactic Enemy Number One when she saw one.
23rd-Jan-2007 06:59 am (UTC)
Snorlax lifted his head up. It was early still, so he was catching some extra sleep. He figured he'd probably missed something important. He'd gotten the part where he failed all his classes, and he wasn't looking forward to relaying that news to home.

... Unless they already knew. Great. He put his head back down.

Wait... she said his name. And the girl next to him said "here." That probably meant roll call. He tilted his head back up a little. "Snorlax here." Ugh, why did he have such a stupid name...? what he needed was a nice normal name. Like Thomas.
23rd-Jan-2007 07:09 am (UTC)
Trenton didn't really hear a word the professor said, as he had far more important things to place his attention on. Instead of focusing on Dr. Flaggle-floo, he instead focused on the game of Solitaire he already had started a few minutes before. After all, whatever lesson or assignment the teacher had in store could wait until AFTER he won a game. Or five. Unfortunately, it was soon after the role call that he found himself stuck.

"Oh, bugger!"
23rd-Jan-2007 07:13 am (UTC)
Dr. Flaggle-floo was not pleased. "Why are you buggering? You should be saying 'here!'"
23rd-Jan-2007 07:19 am (UTC)
Misa's situation was getting more terrible by the moment! It was bad enough she'd flunked everything..oooh, how they were going to be mad at her at home..but now she was in a brand new group. One member was asleep, and she couldn't fathom how he could sleep with the pounding of the other boy's fingers on his compupad!

Didn't they know the group couldn't function without the equal contributions of all their members?!

And how did bugs get in an academy in space?
23rd-Jan-2007 07:27 am (UTC)
Now people were talking, and Snorlax was having a difficult time sleeping. So he sat up. "Is everyone here a morning person? You're all making it really hard to sleep. Why don't we all just take a nap? It will make us more prepared to learn because then we can face the day with fresh eyes and bright faces or something." That being said, he put his head back down on the desk.
23rd-Jan-2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
Selyna regarded her fellow classmates cooly, unsure why the teacher had included her in the group of students who had failed their classes. It wasn't her fault that her teachers had realized she was a telepath and had automatically assumed she had cheated on every test. It also wasn't her fault that she was not very good at this strange planet-dweller language. Her foster-father had tried to teach her, but some things just weren't in her nature.

She shrugged her cloak off of one shoulder and raised her hand at her name, dipping her head once at the teacher to acknowledge her attendance. She largely ignored the blushing Andromedan, the sleeping human, and the inattentive human. Somehow this hardly seemed just.
24th-Jan-2007 02:45 am (UTC)
It was official. None of these kids did know how to function in a group environment. They couldn't have been raised very well. Any deaf hatchling would know that it was obviously not sleeping time or compupad time! Which lead Misa to the conclusion that she was not sure what time it was...detention time, obviously, but what did that entail? Her first horrid thought was perhaps Dr. Flaggle-floo had told them what they were to do and she somehow missed it in her filtering of unwanted noise? Teachers are not unwanted noise! Unless they are the teachers in the other classrooms and that's confusing.

Misa opened her mouth to ask, snapped it shut and repeated about three more times, looking something like a gasping fish.

What a way to start the day.
24th-Jan-2007 02:58 am (UTC)
Dr. Flaggle-floo sighed. "Well, it's good to know you're all here. In body, anyway." Then she pulled out a whip and cracked in on the floor. "NOW BE ATTENTIVE!!!!!" Feeling pretty sure that she had the attention of the kids again, she spoke. "Your first assignment is to write an essay about just who you all think you are. One page. Single-spaced. And don't do stupid things like using the word "very" twenty-five times or just slapping words down because you think I won't read them. Because I will."
24th-Jan-2007 03:27 am (UTC)
Trent was not expecting something like this, which COMPLETELY ruined his game. With a cry of "Bloody Hell!" Trent dropped his Compupad to the floor. Ooh, he really hoped that didn't hurt it too much. Upon listening to the professor's instructions, Trent thought it all over, and decided that well, HE knows who he is, and if the teacher REALLY wanted to know who he ws she could just ask and get the answer verbally rather than have him spend extra time writing it all down. And so, he came to a mental verdict of "No, I'd rather not be doing that, thank you," and picked his compupad back up, examining it for scratches.
24th-Jan-2007 04:13 am (UTC)
Tentatively, Misa raised her hand. "I..I have a question. Who we all think we are...is that who we think everyone is?"
24th-Jan-2007 05:28 am (UTC)
Snorlax scoffed. "No. She wants you to write a paper about why you think you're so awesome that you can get away with failing all your classes. I guess. Some crap like that." Snorlax was, for the most part, awake now. "It's all bullshit. She seriously can't expect us to do this."

Besides just not wanting to write the paper, Snorlax didn't want to because when he tried to grasp for who he was... he drew a blank. Compared to the rest of his family, he was nothing. He had accomplished nothing, besides failure. And that bothered him more than a little.

Dr. Flaggle-floo, apparently deciding that she had given them enough torture for the moment, left the room.

Snorlax chuckled. "At least the dominatrix witch is gone."
24th-Jan-2007 06:19 am (UTC)
Upon noticing Dr. Flaggle-Floo's departure, Trent set down the compupad, took a real deck of cards out of his pocket, and decided to take a look around the classroom at his fellow companions for once, and decided to speak out.

"Well honestly, doing something like this doesn't really provide any real purpose that she couldn't figure from asking, does it? Seems rather wasteful of paper to me...So then! Who's up for a game of Beggar-My-Neighbour?"
24th-Jan-2007 06:32 am (UTC)
"Now isn't the time to play games! We are all here together for a reason and just because you don't think that what we're supposed to do has a purpose doesn't mean we can just all just drop it! If it didn't have a purpose, it wouldn't have been assigned! I'm going to do my work and I really think you all should, too! Just think, if we were Stardogs and had stations on a spaceship and no one did their job, everyone would die! You should think of it like that!" Her tirade finished, Misa dug through her bag for her school supplies and made a show of placing her things on her desk.

"My name is Misa," she dictated aloud as she wrote, "and...um..I am myself. Whoever that is." She went silent, looking at her desk as though it had betrayed her. "The group next door gets to talk about xenobiology. Lucky."
24th-Jan-2007 06:39 am (UTC)
Trent was about to reply back to Misa's tirade, but then shrugged it off figured there really wouldn't be much of a point in it. So instead, he opted to ignore her and let her do her thing, and turned instead to the other two classmates.

"Well then, I suppose she's out. What about you two? Better than wasting good energy on rubbish like this, am I right?"
24th-Jan-2007 02:36 pm (UTC)
Selyna put down her compupad and looked unsmilingly at Trent.

"I am finished this assignment," she said, holding up her compupad for everyone to see.

In large green letters were the words: I AM A GUARDIAN.

She put the compupad down calmly on her desk and folded her arms into her cloak, noticing not for the first time how warm these planet-dwellers like to keep their habitations. She longed for the openness of space, not the company of these obvious delinquents. Except for the Andromedan. The girl intrigued Selyna, that she was trying so hard when the other two obviously cared so little.
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