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The Improbable Dram: Space Cases of the FUTURE!!!!
Second Day of the Second Semester: ADVENTURE! [Open] 
4th-Feb-2007 01:46 am
Characters: Everyone better show up or its ten demerits!
Content: The kids are introduced to their first major assignment of the new semester. An adventure. Of the fake variety.
Setting: Starcademy's amazing simulated shuttle.
Time: Mid-afternoon, 'cause that's when it all hurts the most.
Warning: Nothing

Mr. Hoodly-who was a tall and mildly imposing-looking Mercurian. Until, that is, you look at his face, which like most of his people's, was usually set in a broad and friendly grin. He wore a hood, notable only because most adult Mercurians didn't bother with heat-conserving attire, like helmets or sweatbands. Mr. Hoodly-who wore one mostly as a joke on his own name. Which was sort of lame, but most people could forgive Mr. Hoodly-who for being lame because he was so nice and it was easy to walk all over him.

The class he brought out to the Shuttle Simulation exercise consisted of 36 kids, divided into 9 groups of 4. For the most part, the kids had been allowed to choose their own groups, but there was one set of problem students who had been assigned together for this little excerise.

"Each simulator," he explained to the kids, "recreates the condition of a standard S.T.A.R.D.O.G 4-man shuttle craft. A real shuttle is dependant on a parent space-craft where they dock and are only sent out into open space for smaller and more delicate operations. Today, your simulations will mimic any one of 12 common problems found in shuttle missions. Your task will be to indentify and correct these issues within a set time limit. Now, to your shuttles!" He walked through the crowd, directing groups to shuttles.

"Mr. Band, Mr. Gansley, Miss Misa and Miss Selyna..Shuttle 5, if you would be so kind..?"
4th-Feb-2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
Selyna dipped her head in acknowledgement of the strange hooded teacher and walked over to the shuttle. Deftly, she climbed on top of the simulator and sat on the roof, her legs tucked beneath her and both hands on the machine.
4th-Feb-2007 09:46 pm (UTC)
Trent was actually rather excited about today. As far as he was concerned, from basic experience "simulations" tended to be wicked cool virtual reality/holographic fun games of awesomeness. So, this whole thing sounded like it'd probably be some cool game or something. This would make sense, as perhaps even training facilities decided that pupils should receive much-deserved play and relaxation during duties. (Of course, Trent pretty much tuned out most of what Mr. Hoodly-Who was saying, and was instead thinking to himself of what kind of awesome adventures would await them during the whole thing) And thus, Trent entered into the simulator, high-energy and ready to begin the session.
5th-Feb-2007 12:04 am (UTC)
Misa entered the simulation unit after Trent and noted that there were four seats along a console shaped in a wide U. The chairs were sitauated along the inside of the U, while the outside, beyond the consoles, was a panoramic view of space. The entrance was towards the back and on other side of the door were the shuttle's engine and life support systems. Though neither of these things were needed in a simulation to keep it going, life support and engines failure were both possiblities in the assignment. Repairing either of these units would not be of any use as training unless the units themselves were real models. They were not actually powered units and the simluation provided the true-to-life input and output readings according to what one did to them.

The four stations were Helm, for piloting the shuttle; Navigation, for direction and positioning; Tactical, for the shuttle's meager shielding and observation of possible external and internal threats; and Engineering, to ensure that the engines were working and that their emission was at a safe level. Helm and Navigation were closest to the curves of the U, while Engineering and Tactical were at either end.

Misa took a seat by the door, not really paying attention to which one it happened to be. It was Tactical.
5th-Feb-2007 03:53 am (UTC)
Snorlax smirked. This was going to be so awesome. Finally, he was going to be able to prove himself and be amazing and awesome and everyone would love him most! Or maybe not. But that didn't stop his elaborate grand day dreams of masses of people carrying around signs proclaiming "SNORLAX THOMAS: Best S.T.A.R.D.O.G. Pilot Ever!"

He grabbed the Helm seat as soon as Hoodly-who gave the word to go to the shuttle. If any of the other kids wanted to pilot, they'd have to answer to his fist.
5th-Feb-2007 04:38 am (UTC)
Trent frowned somewhat upon seeing Snorlax grab the pilot's seat. He would have liked to be Player 1, but he didn't really see it as meaning too much, as any other position would probably also be able to be somewhat fun, and it would make perfect sense to him that if they did this thing again that positions might be switched, so that everyone could have a go at the different types. For this exercise, however, Trent shrugged and sat down in the Navigation seat. Piloting did sound like it would be the most fun, but he'd just have to see how fun navigating would be, and then try to get the piloting spot on the next go around.
5th-Feb-2007 05:23 am (UTC)
Mr. Hoodly-who walked up and down the isle of simlution crafts, stopping at Shuttle 5. He should have known that the Space Cases would be a problem.

"Miss Selyna," he began, trying to word this as nicely as possible, "there will be no simulated effects on the outside of the machine. Our nice little virtual reality only exists inside the booth, so you'll have to be inside the simulator to participate."

He ducked his head into the shuttle simulator for a second and then readdressed Selyna. "The engineering station is open."
5th-Feb-2007 01:55 pm (UTC)
Selyna blinked in confusion. "How is this an accurate training exercise if I am inside the shuttle? I would not travel that way."

She slid off the roof, remembering what her Father had said about fitting in. Slowly she entered the simulator, noting where her companions were seated. She glanced at the engineering station, noting the almost primitive design of the shuttle.

"It would be more efficient for me to remain outside to complete necessary repairs than to stay inside this strange device," Selyna grumbled as she sat down at her station.
6th-Feb-2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
After a brief 5-second countdown, the simulation started up. Buttons along the consoles lit up and the engines and life support started emitting a canned rumble of ignition.

Misa ran her eyes over her station. She didn't know much about tactical, but none of the lights were flashing red or anything else that might look urgent, so her assumption was that no threats had been detected by the shuttle's imitation sensors.

"Detecting no, ah...dangers." Presumably, the program gave them a few minutes of flying time before hitting them with a disaster. Either that or the sensors were just off line to start with.
8th-Feb-2007 02:11 am (UTC)
Selyna's fingers flew over the controls of her engineering station.

"All systems operating within normal parameters," she reported.
11th-Feb-2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
Selyna looked around at her classmates.

"Is something supposed to happen? I do not understand why we are in this box and not in a real shuttle."
12th-Feb-2007 02:38 am (UTC)
(OOC: Something is supposed to happen once Trent and Snorlax report on their stations! DX Where are you guys?!)

"Something's supposed to happen," Misa said softly, going over her console's blinking lights again. "But we don't get to know when until it does. Until then, we just fly normal." She wasn't sure when they'd get to go out into space for real, but she suspected it wouldn't be for a long time. The others have to understand teamwork first.
12th-Feb-2007 06:11 am (UTC)
Trent was looking over his stations, trying to get a good fit for what the controls were, and how exactly he was supposed to play this game. He was also starting to get rather impatient...He'd much rather just skip all the boring startup stuff and right to the interesting parts. Tutorial stages always sucked.

"Oh, well, it appears that everything's looking peachy over here, then. Our course looks pretty clear, and all that..."
14th-Feb-2007 03:03 am (UTC)
Snorlax looked at his controls, getting a feel for how everything functioned. This was going to be awesome. Piloting is the best thing ever.

"So... umm... we're flying. What now?" Maybe they'd run into a meteor shower or something. That'd be pretty cool.
15th-Feb-2007 02:34 am (UTC)
After yesterday, Misa was a bit hesitant to talk to Snorlax, for fear he might still be mad at her. So, she didn't want to have to be the one who answered him, but her console had another idea and it started beeping profusely.

"Sensors are picking up an magnetic storm off the port side. It's coming at us pretty fast and its huge..I don't think we can avoid it!"
15th-Feb-2007 02:54 am (UTC)
Snorlax became giddy like the five year old girl who got a pony for Christmas. Well, not really. But the reaction was pretty close.

15th-Feb-2007 02:55 am (UTC)
Selyna shuddered, remembering the time she had been caught in a magnetic storm. It had caused havoc to her communications equipment and completely messed up her sense of direction. Not to mention making all her fur stand on end for quite a long time.

She made a few minor adjustments to the engines, knowing the sort of damage a storm could inflict. She only hoped that her teammates could avoid the worst of it.
16th-Feb-2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
"It's not awesome!" Misa shouted shrilled, forgetting her vow of silence where Snorlaz was concerned.
20th-Feb-2007 05:16 pm (UTC)
"Perhaps we should avoid flying into the worst of the storm," Selyna suggested. "That much magnetic interference will destroy our navigational systems and throw off the polarities of our engines. We would be stranded."
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