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The Improbable Dram: Space Cases of the FUTURE!!!!
18th-Jan-2007 01:09 am
wolfchans love you
On this note, do label all OOC posts as such. :D OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!

And on thaaaat note, POST YOUR APPLICATIONS HERE!!!!!!!!!
18th-Jan-2007 06:38 am (UTC) - As Played By: Neptunesubmerge
Character Name: Misa 164
Species: Andromedan
Age: 10, give or take. No one really knows since they don’t know her birthday. Comparatively speaking, she’s equal in development to an Earther in their late teens.
Links to the Space Cases (if any): Misa is, for all intents, reasons and purposes, the adopted daughter of Radu and Elmira. Seriously. She’s Andromedan, so she doesn’t actually have a concept of family connections—neither does Radu, for that matter, but this is the way Elmira explains it.

Once upon a time, Misa grew very ill. She was contagious and the Andromedans didn’t have the facilities to cure her, so for the good of her group, she was frozen and sent off to a UPP medical facility. While she was there, Radu heard about it and went off to meet her, since he doesn’t hear much about his countrymen, icky individual that he is. Misa was young and corruptible and grew to really like individual attention. So Radu and Elmira decided to keep her, even after she got better.
Appearance: Misa has shoulder length kinky red hair—treatment for her illness made her hair fall out and this is as far as its grown back. Her eyes are blue. And her ears are giant spirals.
Personality: She’s Andromedan. She wants everyone to love each other and get along in splendid, splendid unity. If you don’t like her, she will try to be nice and helpful and submissive until you do. Misa hates it when people fight, not only because its loud but because its disruptive to the group dynamic. And that’s the most important thing. But she’s got a dirty little secret in that she’s addicted to attention. It’s basically a drug to her.
Anything else?: Misa’s super alien powers are: 1) She has the strength of eight humans, 2) She has amazing super hearing (and balance and sense of direction) and 3) She is a low level psionic, which means she can communicate mentally with other psionics, like Andromedans or Elmira, but no one else.
18th-Jan-2007 06:41 am (UTC) - Re: As Played By: Neptunesubmerge
Accepted, naturally! *_*
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